Monday, June 8, 2015

The Final Straw

   Ironically I have to remind myself that I'm not wrong. Let's start with some background before you all get angry with me too. ;)

   I didn't see any other schools offering a partial refund in the event that the school couldn't find an internship for you. I took that as a final sign that YCC would be a good choice because, although some of you may feel it shouldn't make a difference, there are times that Chinese people don't want to hire Black people and in this country each resume must include a picture. I wouldn't dream of faulting the school for that, so it gave me peace of mind.

 [  I see that the site has changed that clause and replaced it with offering "one-two months free classes".]

   I still have no opportunity of an internship. The last call I got was a lady asking if I'd like to interview for a sales position. I have no experience in that. In fact, I suck at it. I declined and definitely reminded Nicole that I needed to find either hotel or conventions as that is my only significant experience besides teaching. She said talk to Jessica. Jessica said the convention company didn't want me because I didn't have experience. True, I didn't know they built sets for conventions, I don't have any experience for that. However I also have zero sales ability. She asks what kind of job I want in a raised tone. I tell her to calm down, I'm simply asking we stick to my original plan. I ask how the search is going a couple of days later and am told she is waiting to hear from companies.

   FAST FORWARD TO THIS WEEK!!! hahaha well, Monday. Today.

   My speaking teacher has quit and my writing teacher suggested I push a little to get my internship. So I went to speak with them after class again. I asked if they'd still honor the partial refund since my classes end this week. They claimed they never had that kind of rule. I informed them that it was my final push to have me choose their company and that it's fine if they've changed the rule but it was there. Nicole slams her fist on the desk and yells that they have not made any changes to the site. It clearly states that they'll offer free classes. I say in a louder tone, "Ok, I'm fine with the change but I have another question." Jessica steps in and says she changed the site last year. 

   Now I'm annoyed because Jessica has stood up out of her chair to ask me why I'm even in here yelling at them. I laugh and ask why they are yelling at me when I've simply asked a question. They even lied as Jessica is clearly admitting to having changed the website. They update it themselves. Nicole asks for my proof. I tell her I obviously have none, but I wouldn't forget (or make up) that kind of clause. Again, I say I'm fine with the change and ask how my internship search is going. However Nicole is fuming over the previous question. I ask her the show me proof instead, of when they changed the site. Jessica finds something and prints it off, but no words print along with the picture. Nicole says she can't believe I don't believe they haven't changed the site and yells again. Jessica slams the office door shut but no one else is in this place. I laugh again at this ridiculous scene and shout I can't count it as proof. Now I'm joining in on this childish way of arguing a point.

   Jessica pulls out her camera to video me as Nicole rants about how I'm a ridiculous person that doesn't understand anything and tells Jessica to ignore me. I pull out my phone and turn on the record app saying, "wait, I guess I should record too." She puts her phone down and sits back down again. I asked why we couldn't both record just in case a misunderstanding arises and we need to pull out "proof" again. I try to go back to my next question but again Nicole is not satisfied. She tells Jessica to text me their unprintable "proof". Jessica asks for the failed print back because it's the company paper...

   I ask them again how the search is going and they sneer that no companies have replied to them. I ask them how many they are waiting on and am met with "a few". I ask them to please let me know the companies so that I can research them and prep for potential interviews. Nicole shouts again, "NO! YOU WILL GET THE INFORMATION BEFORE THE INTERVIEW! THAT IS OUR RULE FOR EVERYONE ELSE." I don't join in on the yelling this time, but I tell them that rule is not on their site so I don't have the "proof". I also explain that it makes for a better interview if I can prepare.

   This is when Nicole asks, "Do you know why you don't get any offers?" I ask why believing she would say something the companies have said. She rolls her neck back and forth with a "because you have a bad attitude." Ok. Now I'm dying. I must brag a bit and say that my past jobs have absolutely loved working with me and my last co-teacher recently sent an email saying she wished I still worked at the school in S. Korea.

   I tell them ok but at least give me a full 24 hours before any interview to research whichever company replies to them. At this Nicole lowers her head in a scowl with a smirk and says in a sing-song voice, "Our website states that we only need to set up two to five interviews and then we've done our job." I inform them I've only had ONE so far. They say fine. Nicole ends with a stern "we will send you the company information 24 hours before the interview. Is that clear?" My eyes get wide and I jiggle my shoulders and say, "I asked you for a 24 hour notice. Are YOU clear?" I've fallen into the act like a child trap again. Nicole's final words amidst Jessica's bad mouthing are, "I'm very clear so you can leave!" I chuckle and end with I'll leave when I want followed with, now that class is done I guess I'll leave.

   Let's see if they still find me an internship or give me free classes. After all, my study part is finished.

Have you ever experienced this kind of craziness at a school that you paid to be at and trusted to help you out? Leave your comments below!

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