Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Winding Down

   Many students no longer show up to classes. The culture classes have disappeared altogether. I'm waiting to get some interviews done. So far I've had one class to practice cover letter and resume writing.

   I had sent an updated resume to Nicole to send to companies because my original was my teaching resume. I sent that by accident. 

   Flash forward to now! I finally have an interview with a convention company! I'm hoping for the best however, I didn't get any information on them. I asked them to schedule it on Wednesday since I have an open morning. The man who works there pulled me aside to wish me luck and to accept even if they offer a low salary of 1000 yuan. Afterall, it's only an internship and you want the knowledge and experience that comes with it. I kept that in mind and waited for the confirmed time.

   Around 8pm Jessica informed me by text that the interview was scheduled for 2pm the next day. I asked her what I should do about my class and the midday English class I had offered to help them with. 

Jessica: "But don't you think the job opportunity is more important?"
Me:        "Will there be a makeup class? Class is something I must pay for. It's not confirmed I will get the job. I guess I'll also need to cancel the English class because it ends at 1:30."
 [[This class is actually a favor to them...They aren't an English school.]]
Her:       "Okay, I will cancel the interview. We will start arranging interviews after all you classes finish."
Me:       "I would prefer to do interviews now so that I'll be employed by the time classes finish.
Her:       "Ok."
Me after 10mins: "...so what's the plan for tomorrow?"
Her:      "We extend one more classes for you. Won't make up. Please inform your English class students come half hour earlier."

   I guess no one has asked about that before me, but I thought if all classes start at two anyway and they knew I didn't need to teach their impromptu English class Wednesday, the scheduling would work out better. Oh well.

   They forgot to tell me which specific position I was to apply for but at least I can look up the name of the company.