Friday, June 12, 2015

They May Fulfill Their Duties

   I was in class when I got a WeChat message from Jessica about an interview. The office is across from my classroom but we don't really greet each other from across the hall, but I still find it strange that she didn't wait until after or during a break to discuss it. I asked if it was a hotel or convention company. She replies it's a mixed company...

   I go on with class and a bit later she tells me that it's to do business development. I say fine and check out the company details after class. At this point I may as well see what they are about. I do the interview and find that I had to speak English because the Chinese manager wasn't present. I figured I did ok, but the company is looking at other candidates too. I was told to wait for a call from the other manager. I was sure they needed to test my Chinese.

   So I did. Nicole asks what happened at the interview a few days later. I explain what happened. However there was no call from the other manager. Oh well, maybe she had found someone better?

   Fast forward a few days. I am being sent an interview opportunity every twenty minutes. Well, just three. Again I'm in class, but I'm the only student anyway so I tell her to reschedule one as I had some trouble that I needed to sort out at that time.

   She tells me she'll send me an email and I can reschedule on my own. Well, I suppose. After all, I know my schedule best. Time to try try again!