Friday, June 19, 2015

Enough Laughing Time to Get Serious

   At this point I only have 75 days of my six month visa left. YCC has decided to stop my classes. Hmmmmm that's not an extra month's worth of FREE classes. Whatever. I have quite a few more interviews lined up. From their end, not one is related to hotel or conventions as we spoke about in my initial emails and the first month of my being here. I have decided to just take up one of the jobs if they offer. However, I must explain the way in which everything was set up.

   I have been forwarded a bunch of emails, but some information doesn't match. Manager names with the wrong company, an address that doesn't make sense, etc. I also have not been contacted to confirm any time schedules or anything. I see one email asking for writing samples and references. I stop and think "I'm not a writer. I haven't done any. I'm not into journalism." I email Nicole back and she responds quite nastily complaining that I have no experience at all and that I don't communicate with them. Remember the last yelling match? I definitely no longer bring up any conversations with them. Any question I have that they deem negative is met with hostile voices, faces and words. I don't really have time for it as I'm serious about getting an internship.

   I ignore the email for a bit to focus on researching something about these other companies. In the morning, I check my email and see that it's been updated to say meet up at 3pm. I call that company and ask if a bit later is ok because I've got another interview across town. They comply. In my first interview, I'm excited that we came to the agreement that he would consider it and he even called a few friends during the interview to inquire about visa details and possible placement at another place.

   I get an angry text about me missing an interview and am told that YCC will stop all services "NOW" and to never contact them again. I find it odd and double check my email. Since it's a long list of forwards in one, I double check each line. Turns out that journalist position was scheduled at the same time as this one. I think to myself, "why didn't she send each interview schedule as a separate item?" Forwards only show the last conversation had.

   I send her an email at the end of the day that she's the one in the wrong because from day one they have had my email, phone number and WeChat and that if communication was that important to them, they would have talked to me about what they could and couldn't do, if my resume was not written well, or what companies they had and what the time schedules were.

   I don't like to have blame placed on me so I emailed the journalist company explaining that I simply didn't know they had been rescheduled as the last thing I told Nicole was that I don't have any writing experience. I don't know if they will accept it though because I tried to call the company and they wouldn't take my calls or they were actually quite busy and couldn't. I guess I'll never know.

   What I do know, is that I recommend everyone stay far away from this "school". Especially if you are the type that asks questions and tries to learn about the progress of anything. I promise I'm not the only person to feel cheated but I may be the boldest blogging about it. I just don't want anyone else to waste money. I'll do an update in a few about how to find jobs in China with or without Chinese. It's harder without established relationships but it can be done.

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